Write Publish Repeat Conversations Review

The No-Luck Required Guide to Self-Publishing Success (updates and clarifications on the #1 bestselling writing book)

Write Publish Repeat Conversations Review

Courses : “Write. Publish. Repeat” Conversations

Created by Smarter Artist – Last updated 10/2014 

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What you’ll learn From Write Publish Repeat Conversations

  • Make a living writing (HINT: it’s about hard work and math, not luck!)
  • Avoid getting lumped in with the “self publishing ghetto” by taking a few small steps to look like a professional
  • Create a viable income-producing business out of what most struggling writers erroneously see as “just art”
  • Produce great books (fiction or nonfiction) — from pre-production planning to publishing like a pro
  • Learn which sales and promotion techniques and strategies work for full-time successful authors
  • Find out why some authors succeed while others fail
  • Discover what’s changed in indie publishing, and how you can benefit
  • Learn how to write fast, produce a lot of books, and give yourself a bigger “footprint” for readers to find you
  • Understand how email marketing, blogging, social media, podcasting, and other promotional avenues can easily fit into any smart artist’s strategies
  • Know how to set up your website and grow your email list (creating a repository of people eager to buy your next book)
  • Find out how to get more reviews (and deal with the good and the bad ones)
  • Get the Cliffs Notes on what the authors of the #1 bestseller “Write. Publish. Repeat.” have learned in the trenches, running their six-imprint publishing business since the book was originally released (UPDATES AND LATEST INFO!)

This course will teach the student a lot of specific insights, the program of the course allows the students to be focused, engaged and gives them a chance to complete the course in a goal oriented manner working at their own pace. The lessons have a smooth flow and progression which is great since all the key concepts will naturally be retained. The course it’s explained in a way that outlines the most important concepts that should be retained in order to build understanding of coming explanations.

The instructor has an easy to grasp way of explaining things, the course it’s ideal for visual learners and people who could do a brief recap of what was previously discussed in order to progress into the following chapters. The instructor is also using comparisons and analogies so it’s easier to follow and digest the course material.

Inspiring and motivational course, one of the top reviewed courses on Udemy with a large audience and student base. Easy to understand concepts, this course will take you from a basic perspective to an advanced progression on the subject with videos you can follow at your own pace to allow some concepts to sit in.


  • Smarter Artist offers a course which is very detailed and clear to follow, it is evident that research has been done before putting together this course and the students will benefit from the hands on experience transmitted by the instructor. As a student you would enjoy all the hours of videos, excercises and examples.

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