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What is Concerned Patriot?

Nowadays there are crime rates are increasing day by day. Especially women are not safe at there home. They should gain a self-defending mechanism. Concerned Patriot will help to protect yourselves from the attackers. It is also called as a self-defensive tool. With the help of this tool will help to protect from an emergency situation and can be used by both men and women.

The Concerned Patriot is an Execution Torch. The flashlight from this torch will be able to prevent the attackers. When this powerful light is emitting to a person it will make the heart to stop. So, These powerful flashlights are producing with the help of AA battery. Researchers have found that and medically proven that will be able to affect the attacker in a seriously.

How does Concerned Patriot works?

Concerned Patriot Shockwave Torch is the best tactical torch for self-defense is because it’ll shred an attacker in an instant. Unlike normal flashlights, the end of the Concerned Patriot Shockwave Torch has a super-sharp crenulated bezel. This tearing and shredding will send them in a whirlwind of pain and paralyze them so you can escape. The ultra-sharp and jagged edges will shred soft tissue like eyes and cheeks as though they’ve been sitting in a crockpot for 16 hours. And in two seconds you’ll see what makes the Concerned Patriot Shockwave Torch the best self-defense tool in the world.

Concerned Patriot Shockwave Torch

Benefits of Concerned Patriot

  • Concerned Patriot Shockwave Torch is safe and easy to carry and incredibly easy to use.
  • It’s equipped with a safety so you can carry it and not hurt yourself.
  • To electrocute an attacker, simply press the button on the other side of the “ON” button and it will discharge a frightening amount of power
  • To carry safely, switch to “OFF” and you can take it anywhere.


  • 60 days Money Back Guarantee is available for this Product
  • The Concerned Patriot Shockwave Torch stands head and shoulders above other tactical flashlights because it uses an ultra-powerful LED bulb.
  • Concerned Patriot Shockwave Torch is Made with an ultra-light and ultra-rugged combat aluminum body, every inch of it is reinforced.


  • This product is not preferable for Children.
  • Concerned Patriot Shockwave Torch available only online


Concerned Patriot act as a self-defensive tool. So, It is mainly using and recommending for the women and children safety to protect from attackers. While Its main use is to protect ourselves from attackers. It uses the powerful gun stud. The lights used in the Concerned Patriot have high luminous intensity. The manufacturer also offers six-month money back guarantee to the customers. As a result, Which can trust this product and gives greater customer satisfaction. You can also buy this product from anywhere as they provide free shipping. There are many positive customers feeds back about this product. It also uses powerful LED light. it also contains a built-in AA battery and safety switch. Before using this product you have to switch on the light.  Similarly, It is medically proven that if the product is using it will make the attackers to stop the heart.

Click here to get Concerned Patriot

Today Only $29,97



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